Find the Concrete5 Admin Login

You did it! You installed Concrete5 and now you are ready to move forward, but what is the admin login url? The steps below will get you on the right track fast, and you will be editing in no time. This tutorial is for Concrete5 5.7 and above, if you are using an older version of C5 then check out our legacy login tutorial.

Method 1. Go Directly to the Admin Login URL

The most sure-fire way to get to the login page is by typing in the login url directly. It looks like this:

Any installation of Concrete5 should bring up the login page with this URL.

Concrete5 Login URL Link

Method 2. Find the Login Link in the Footer

Most themes (all if you are referring to the themes bundled with a Concrete5 installation) include a link to the login page in the footer. Scroll all the way down the page and look for the word "Login". When you move your mouse over it, the cursor should turn into a "hand" which indicates you can click it and be taken directly to the Concrete5 admin url.

What are the default login credentials for Concrete5?

If you managed to find the admin login, but had no luck when you tried to login you may be wondering if you are stuck. The default administrator user name is "admin". There is no default password, as you are forced to select one when you perform the installation of the CMS.

Once you manage to login to the Concrete5 dashboard you are well on your way becoming a webmaster. Take a look at the other user tutorials for helpful tidbits a beginner can use to become proficient with Concrete5.