Using your Concrete5 Dashboard

Warning! This tutorial is for deprecated Concrete5 versions 5.6 and below. Many of the examples and methods are no longer relevant to modern Concrete5.

Step 1. Login and Access your Dashboard

To access your administration dashboard you will need to log in to your concrete5 website with an administrator account. Once logged in you may be taken directly to the administrative dashboard. If not, look for the toolbar at the top of the webpage. On the right side should be an icon titled ''Dashboard".

Step 2. Understand your Dashboard Landing Page

When you access your dashboard you will be taken to the main dashboard landing page. This page provides a quick look at a few key areas plus links to all of the more in-depth areas in your dashboard. Here is a quick overview of what is available on this page.

  • Top Toolbar
    The toolbar along the very top of the page is visible no matter where in the administrative are you find yourself. It provides three important links.
    • Return to Website
      This will take you back to the main page of your website still in administrative mode.
    • Help
      This button provides links back to the help section of
    • Sign Out
      This button logs you out of the Concrete5 system, displaying the website how any random visitor would see it.
  • Dashboard Links
    These buttons on the left side of your dashboard are links to the major administrative areas. These links will always be available no matter where you are within the administrative area of your website.
    • Sitemap
      Provides a hierarchical view of the pages within your website, similar to a file manager on your computer.
    • File Manager
      Allows you to see the photos and files that have been uploaded into the website
    • Reports
      Allows you access to submission forms, surveys, and system logs.
    • Users and Groups
      Area to create, delete, and modify registered users and administrators and user groups.
    • Scrapbook
      Access your saved block and code snippets. Usually used for common items that appear on some or all of your webpages, (headers, footers, contact info etc.)
    • Pages and Themes
      Customization area that allows you to change the look of your websites pages, add new specialized pages and attributes
    • Add Functionality
      This is where you go to install special addons.
    • System Maintenance
      Advanced options for generating sitemaps, backing up your site, and performing system updates.
    • Sitewide Settings
      This area contains a lot of your general website settings like website name, icon, and editing settings.
  • Site Activity
    This area contains general information regarding your website.
    • Login Info
      Who and when you logged in and a count of page views since your last login
    • Total Visits
      Number of total page views since the website started logging them. This is not a count of unique visitors. If one user visited 7 pages you would see 7 here.
    • Total Page Versions
      The total number of page versions within your website. This is not a count of pages, but versions. Each time you update a page a new version is created. So, if I had a 5 page website, and had made 10 changes on each page this count would be 50.
    • Last Edit
      Server timestamp of the last time someone made an edit your website.
    • Last login
      Will show the username of the latest user/administrator to login.
    • Total pages in edit mode
      The number of pages that are in edit mode. This is an important one to look for. If there is a number other than 0 here it means you have a page with an unapproved version. In most cases, this means you made some changes to a webpage and forgot to "publish" the changes. If you see a number here, you need to look around your website and find your unpublished changes.
    • Total form submissions
      This is another important item to look for. If you have the "Form" block implemented anywhere on your website, submissions to that form will be shown here. Click the number to be taken to the reports page.
  • Statistics
    This flash based chart shows your websites page view count over the last few days. This will show zero if you have statistic tracking disabled.
  • Help
    This is a quick link back to the concrete5 online help system
  • Latest News
    This area shows news pushed from They include information about updates to the concrete5 system, and other noteworthy news items regarding C5.
  • Notes
    You can use this box to save small snippets of text and view every time you login to your dashboard. For instance, try putting in "" and clicking save. The next time you come back you will be instantly reminded of who gave you the great knowledge of the notes box.

*There is another notification area that is not shown in my example. When an important update is available for concrete5, a green box will appear at the top of your dashboard. Usually this includes a link to update the concrete5 content management system.